Novolog is an insulin analog drug designed to treat symptoms of diabetes. Individuals with diabetes are unable to produce or properly use insulin, depending on what form of diabetes they have. Insulin is crucial for controlling blood sugar concentration and distributing energy throughout the body. Novolog acts in place of natural insulin to provide the same effects.

How Novolog Works

Novolog is a fast-acting insulin analog, meaning that it takes effect more quickly than natural insulin. Whereas natural insulin begins work after 30 minutes, Novolog takes 15 minutes or less to begin effecting the body. This effect is achieved through altering a single amino acid found in natural insulin, resulting in faster blood stream absorption.
This makes Novolog especially ideal for dealing with the spikes in blood sugar levels caused by eating meals. It allows diabetes patients to eat sooner after taking the drug and mimics the behavior of insulin in individuals without diabetes. After negating this spike, Novolog wears off quickly, exiting the body within three to six hours. Due to its short duration, Novolog is typically taken alongside a longer acting insulin medication.

How to Take Novolog

Novolog has multiple delivery systems. A traditional vial and syringe system may be used, as long as special precaution is taken to ensure that the correct dosage is injected without air bubbles. An alternative delivery system is the Novolog FlexPen. This device comes pre-filled with medication, allowing users to dial in a specified, accurate dosage. After placing a new needle on the device, the Novolog can be injected with the push of a button. Unlike the vials, the FlexPen does not need to be refrigerated and can be kept out from up to 28 days. If you have been prescribed Novolog, buy Novolog online at and save on your prescription. Regardless of which system is used, the Novolog must be injected in the abdomen, thigh or upper arm, rotating among the three with each injection to avoid irritation.

What to Know Before Taking Novolog

Novolog requires a prescription to purchase and use. Visit a physician to discuss the risks and benefits of the drug to determine whether it’s right for you. Be sure to provide your doctor with information regarding any prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, supplements and vitamins you are currently taking, as well as your health history. It is especially important to inform your doctor if you have or have had nerve damage, kidney, liver or thyroid disease. You should also tell you doctor if you are pregnant, may be pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

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