Where to Buy Novolog

Novolog is a drug given to individuals suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, diseases in which one suffers from an insulin deficiency or disorder. Classified as an insulin analog, Novolog is designed to emulate the effects of insulin on the body and regulate blood sugar concentration. Novolog is also beneficial in that it is faster acting than natural insulin. While insulin takes around 30 minutes to take effect, Novolog begins working within 15 minutes. Injected before meals, Novolog has an effect duration of three to six hours.

Before you buy Novolog, you should discuss the benefits and risks of the drug with your doctor. If your doctor believes that Novolog may be right for you, ask him or her to write you a prescription, which is necessary to purchase the medication. Novolog should be available at most pharmacies. For those that have trouble paying for Novolog, the drug’s manufacturer offers patient assistance and insulin reimbursement programs for qualified buyers.

Buying Novolog Online

Many individuals opt to purchase Novolog from an online Canadian drugstore rather than a traditional pharmacy. This is partly due to convenience, as ordering the drug from such companies allows one to have Novolog shipped to one’s door. A more common reason, however, is that the price of Novolog is typically lower when purchasing online.
There are several factors contributing to this reduced cost, but the most significant is a difference in American and Canadian laws. While pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. are more-or-less free to price their drugs however they see fit, Canada restricts how much these companies are allowed to charge, resulting in cheaper Novolog.

Some individuals also enjoy ordering Novolog online due to the wide selection of dosages, sizes and delivery methods available. Novolog can be administered via standard syringe, cartridge or a special pen-sized injection tool, all of which are typically available at online pharmacies.

It should be noted that a valid prescription is still required to buy Novolog online. Most online drugstores offer several ways for the needed paperwork to be submitted, including mail, fax and email. One should also be aware that various forms of payment assistance, including medicare and insurance policies, may or may not be available when ordering Novolog online from Canada.

For individuals with diabetes, the choice to buy Novolog can prove to be quite beneficial. With its fast response time and ease of use, Novolog is often an effective tool in combating diabetes.